My Action-Thriller, "The Rise and Fall of the Witch on the Bayou"

My Action-Thriller, "The Rise and Fall of the Witch on the Bayou"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Songwriter Turns Out Third Award-winning Song - David Foster, Are You Listening?? Laraine Elizabeth Turner has been finalist three times in the VH-1 Song of the Year international songwriting contest. The first time she placed as a finalist was in January of 2005 in the pop category for her ballad, "The Thorns of the Rose" (which she says is directly related to her sequel to her other children's story, "The Little Rosebud," also entitled, "The Thorns of the Rose.") The second time was in the year 2006 in February, in the folk category, for her song, "Long, Long Ago." (Other songs she's written include "Song of the Bayou (Chanson du Bayou), " "Love is Not Defied" (which she's sung acapello at Author's Festivals), and "Little Rosebud" (written for her children's book of the same title).

The third time Turner placed as a Finalist in Song of the Year was in the pop category in June of 2007, for her song, "Never the Same Again," which she claims she intentionally wrote for her mystery-murder-romance, "Spanky." (However, she claims she'd be happy to record it simply as a "hit love song on its own." She's open to all kind of possibilities!) People have told her that it's a song which would be a perfect fit for legendary singer Peter Cetera to perform. Turner claims she could almost hear Mr. Cetera (famous for the rock group "Chicago," of course) belting out her catchy song when she composed it. Oh, Mr. David Foster--are you listening???

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