My Action-Thriller, "The Rise and Fall of the Witch on the Bayou"

My Action-Thriller, "The Rise and Fall of the Witch on the Bayou"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Bayou Book Tour" Completed in 2002 with Appearances on TV Morning Shows

In the year 2002, I completed a successful "Bayou Book Tour" in Louisiana, where my debut action-thriller was set. I was very nervous, since this, you must understand, was the very first time I set foot in the great state of Louisiana! I had "already been there" in my imagination, but, of course, the real thing is always different. But--I must say, to my credit--God's credit--when I actually went there, it was really not any different than how I had imagined.
I was very excited to do book signings and appear on TV morning shows there in major cities like Baton Rouge and Lafayette. (Lafayette, the beautiful unofficial "capitol of Cajun Country" was actually, where we stayed. It was very peaceful and the people were friendly). The anchors of most of the TV shows I appeared had to calm me down, as I was SO nervous being on TV for so long on an interview. (I had been on TV before as an extra and on TV game shows--but nothing like this!) I was on mostly ABC affiliates. I recall walking down the studio halls of the TV stations and seeing pictures of Oprah on the wall. And, of course, it was fun seeing people like the great lieutenant governor of that time coming on before me (although, I can't remember her name now!) And it was weird getting up SO early in the morning and watching the show in the hotel and then--minutes later--actually being in the show. They were definitely live telecasts, (except for one in Baton Rouge, which was taped).
After that experience, I gained more confidence, and when I was invited to make other appearances, I agreed to it--like on WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Kansas (Fox TV!)

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